Our beliefs

We believe relationship management is science, not serendipity.

We first published this statement and our ideas around relationship management in 2016, since then we have both grown and learnt a lot from our clients. Our systems, algorithms, analytics and platforms are rooted in the firm belief that anyone in the world can have great relationships by following several key rules of engagement and getting a little help from BeeCastle. We also believe that by having healthy business relationships, a world of opportunities opens up both on a personal and professional level.

We take these beliefs and scale them across enterprise and across the globe. Our powerful analytics allows companies of all sizes to keep on top of their business relationships, to improve them and to harvest the benefits of these relationships. Further, high quality data analytics facilitates high quality decision making and collaboration across teams, across the world can drive enormous benefits. We feel organisations are better when data is uniform and transparent across the business.

We believe:

  • By improving your daily life, we are helping you achieve your goals
  • By trusting, unleashing and supporting our talent, we offer better client solutions
  • We are about opening minds and thinking differently
  • We are for everyone, everywhere and any-size organisation
  • We are all about having fun and excelling in what we do

All simply because we love healthy relationships!

111 Elizabeth Street, Sydney   |   Ph: 1300 233 227

Who we are

We are a growing group of technologists, data analysts, designers and advisors that believe work technology should enable deep human relationships, not replace them.

Every team member has experience in advisory roles across investment banking, consulting, legal and technology. It is through this experience that we know that the best relationship managers approach their network in a scientific manner and innately understand it is the greatest way to unlock opportunities.

With BeeCastle we are building software solutions that help bring that rigor and intelligence to the world’s most successful businesses, helping their people build long lasting and mutually beneficial business relationships. We employ thoughtful design, deep analytics and robust end-to-end security into everything we build, as we believe technology should enable you to be ‘deeply human’ rather than just automated.

We have been thinking about, listening intently and building BeeCastle for over 3 years and feel privileged to work with a wide variety of businesses, including government enterprises, advisory businesses, brokers, investment banks, technology companies and law firms.